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Have you lost or found a pet in the Bel Air neighborhood? Please feel free to post your lost and found information here. Don't forget to read the previous posts under this Topic to see if someone in Bel Air has already added a post about the same pet. If so, you may be able to solve the case very quickly.

We found a nice looking Brindle Pit Bull Mix dog on MacKenzie Drive.  The dog has a brown leather collar but no tag.  Please call Tony at 602 758 1261 so we can reunite you!

Please read the following forwarded request for help from a nearby neighbor in the Woodlea/Melrose neighborhood directly to the east of our Bel Air neighborhood received on Saturday, August 15th...


I've lost my cat Puccini. He's an indoor cat and not used to being outdoors. ... He's a large skinny cat with a long face and really big ears, one blue eye and one green eye and a long skinny tail. He's 10 years old and he's my baby. He's been missing 27 hours. He has on a collar that is black with white fleur de 'lis and a hot pink name tag "PUCCINI" "602-413-7478"
I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks so much!

The request came from Heidi A. on the 1100 block of West Glenrosa Avenue.

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The Radtkes have lost two indoor/outdoor cats. Both cats were last seen in the evening on 09/03/09 near 17th Avenue and Heatherbrae Dr. Both cats are wearing collars and identification tags. Hematite is a small, all gray, short-haired cat weighing roughly 8 lbs. It has a small triangular head and its left ear is ear-tipped. Photos of Hematite may be seen here: Barack is a large black and white short-haired cat weighing roughly 13 lbs. A distinctive feature of his coat is that small amounts of white fur are mixed in the black fur on his back. He often has scratches on his nose and ears due to a sensitivity to mosquito bites. Photos of Barack may be seen here: If you find either cat, please contact us: 602-279-7190 or
Phoenix, Arizona 85015