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Thefts of Opportunity on Monterosa Street

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Monterosa and 17th Ave area.

This morning my husband went out to his car and realized it had been left unlocked in our driveway and someone had riffiled through all the contents. Took all the contents of the glove box out and went through them and left on the front seat BUT they stole his XM radio. We called the police to file a report. Our neighbor came out seeing the police car and said his wifes car had been gone through last night as well. Neighbor filed a report too. It appears someone has crusied down the street looking for crimes of opportunity as there was no forced entry.

Please keep your eyes and ears open to report suspisious activity. We found a red bike lock on our lawn last week that was cut and disguarded. Perhaps someones bike was stolen.

We had a nice beach crusier stolen from the Melrose Street Fair last year in front of witnesses who said the man walked up with a back pack took out bolt cutters, cut the lock, grabbed the bike and took off right in front of them (sitting in front of the chucrch no less) before they even knew what was happening. We keep our bikes indoors and have purchased a cryptonite high end locks now. That theft was also reported to the police.

If this occured to you as well please file a police report wheter they stole anything or not. You can easily do it online if you are pressed for time. They need to be aware so they can patrol the area when they can.

Police non emergency number:

Non Emergency
(602) 262-6151

Also the obvious... lock your things. Smile


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Hi Denise-

Thank you for your post. I'm sorry this happened to you. I can empathize, as my house was burglarized in Jan '16, less than 2 months after moving in. Are you on Nextdoor? I've noticed that not many ppl seem to be on this site, but there are quite a few on that one who regularly post suspicious persons / beahviors, reports of criminal activity, and info on other things that are happening in and around the neighborhood. I think a post like this would be very useful there, and would remind ppl to be vigilant and report incidents to the police. We seem to have an ever-increasing number of criminal activities in the area.


Alex Hills

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