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Hello everyone,


My name is Alex Varunok and I was just told about the web site by my neighbor across the street, Sharon Bushouse, and just signed up though I have lived here for almost eight years.  I look forward to this being a place where I can learn and communicate with others about our Neighborhood!


Please feel free to contact me for anything; Suggestions, Advice of Help.  Whatever! 


I hope all are well and will take care!


Alex J Varunok

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Hello Alex,


I'm Mike Radtke.  The guy who circulated the petition against the canal fence.  My son Nicholas and I did some ditch digging along your property a few months back.


Yes, this site has a great deal of information.  Unfortunately, some of it may be hard to find.  Lists are not necessarily sorted the way that you might expect or may not be sorted at all.  Many things can be found by following links that may not have obvious names.  But, if you look around, there is a lot of information here.


If you like the idea of a bulletin board, you might consider joining the neighborhood mailing list: Bel Air Neighborhood Information eXchange.  BANIX is for residents of our neighborhood.  If any member sends a message to the BANIX email address, that message is copied to all of the members.  BANIX email is not screened and may be used in any way that you feel is appropriate.  If you wish to join the BANIX email list, please send me email and ask.  BANIX is not associated with the Bel Air Neighborhood Association.







Hello everyone,


All members of our neighborhood are welcome to sign up to get the Bel Air Neighborhood Association Communicator and/or Alerts (e-Phone Tree) by e-mail.


  • Better for the environment
  • More economical for our neighborhood
  • Reliable delivery method


To sign up, just click on the following link:


If you would like to, you can choose to cancel your paper newsletter delivery during sign up. However, it is not required. Alerts may include, but are not limited to,

reminders about General Meetings, G.A.I.N. meetings, Neighborhood Clean-Up Days,

and Neighborhood Yard Sales.



Carrie Frazer

Bel Air Neighborhood Association, President/Newsletter Editor

Phoenix, Arizona 85015