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Kathy Palmer & Jeff Davison have lived here at 1629 W. Monterosa since May, 2000.
Kathy is a successful Real Estate Agent specializing in Phoenix downtown and historical neighborhoods, and is the Community Leason for Job Corp.
Jeff is a Technical Classroom Instructor employed by Inter-Tel, Chandler.
Prior to moving to the BelAir Neighborhood, we lived in the Willo Historical Neighborhood of Phoenix for 8 years.

Collectively we have four Children, Tashi Jon Palmer, Jerome Mani Palmer, Sarah Kathleen Davison and Ian Montin Davison.

Kathy has traveled around the world & while living in Canada her 1st son Tashi was born.
(Tashi is now a Photographer in Phoenix)
Soon after they sailed to Africa, India, on to stay in Nepal, and finally New Zealand where her son Jerome was born.
(Jerome is now an Account Manager for a Computer hardware distributer in Chandler)
...During this time she built a very successful import/ export retail business in Christchurch which was called ''Narnia''.

Jeff is a former Air Force Combat Arms Instructor (TSgt), has been active in Martial Arts training for over 25 years and is a certified UltraLight Pilot.

Jeff's daughter Sarah attends NAU (Flagstaff) and Ian is finishing- up High School in the UK (England).
Ian achieved All Conference (USAFE)
Right Tackle while playing with his US Dept Of Defense High School Football Team this last season (2001). Ian plans on attending NAU in 2003.

Jeff & Kathy were married in 1990 in Phoenix.
Our interests include Genealogy, Spirituality, Swimming and Contact/ Shooting/ Flying/ Outdoor Sports.

Genealogy ''Stuff''

Our Genealogy includes the Family Names of Davison, Sevier, Chandley, Montin, Abney, Bailer, Nelson, Guay, Keating and Polk.

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