BelAir Neighborhood

Kearnie Estates

Irrigated Lots! Large Lots!

Some of the benefits of irrigated lots are:
Extremely reasonable costs involved.
Lush yards.
Cooler atmosphere.
Great for gardening!

Lots were originally 100' wide. Many have since been split into 50', 65', or 70' wide lots. However, some original-sized lots still exist.

Nostalgic Architecture!

Many of these custom homes were built between 1944 and 1949. Lots were first sold individually. Then, owners had their homes built. At least one couple drew up their own blueprints for their home.

METRO Light Rail Is Less Than A Mile To The North!

Take the bus north on 19th Avenue less than a mile to be at the 19th Avenue/Camelback Road METRO light rail platform.

Helpful Neighborhood Resources Hotlinks

Valley METRO
SRP Irrigation scheduling for subdivision customers

Posted by belaireditor on 08/16/2009
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